• 1958. On October 9 Werner Popp and his friend Helmut Hartmann found their company Hartmann & Popp as Seeds Wholesale in Hamburg. Hartmann & Popp is a general partnership where both owners are personally liable partners.

  • 1975. Additional purchase of sister company Ernst Brennicke Saatenreinigung & Ölmühle and of the associated company site in Hamburg-Waltershof. Werner Popp launches this initiative in order to create business perspectives with a promising future. For Werner Popp and his view of quality only a seed trading company without own production, cleaning and warehousing is not satisfying.
  • 1980. Due to illness Helmut Hartmann leaves the company on August 18. Werner Popp remains sole owner.

  • 1997. After the death of Werner Popp, Norbert Popp joins the company as businessman and managing shareholder.

  • 2009. After the death of Norbert Popp, Sabine Popp joins the managemant as businesswoman and molecular biologist.

Hartmann & Popp (GmbH & Co. KG)
Altenwerder Damm 59
21129 Hamburg (Waltershof)

Telefon: 040 / 380 88 85-0
Telefax: 040 / 380 88 85-23

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