Our company consequently directs its focus towards customers and has therefore committed itself to clear principles:

  • Credibility
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility

These moral concepts form the basis or our behavior when dealing with employees and business partners. Our employees enjoy the freedom of putting their ideas and visions into practice and our principles create a generous and supporting atmosphere which ensures the success of the team overall.

Most of our clients have confidence in our company for decades and customer satisfaction surveys show very good marks for our company. Our effective complaint management achieves excellent results by putting the customer first. 

Most of our suppliers are experienced traders with own companies of long time existence and they therefore correspond well to the requirements of Hartmann & Popp. All our suppliers are familiar with our quality requirements and keep strictly to our specifications. In the case of new suppliers we request sample deliveries. Only after in-depth examination of the goods and after collaborative work sessions concerning our quality requirements we enter into new business relations. This is our way to guarantee accountability to our customers.

The growing demands for improved quality of seeds can only be achieved by analytical techniques which are becoming finer and finer. To keep up with these changes it is essential to be particularly receptive to new cleaning and processing technologies. We take these developments very seriously and that's why the totality of workflows in our company will be examined, upgraded and optimized continuously.

Hartmann & Popp (GmbH & Co. KG)
Altenwerder Damm 59
21129 Hamburg (Waltershof)

Telefon: 040 / 380 88 85-0
Telefax: 040 / 380 88 85-23

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