Made out of yellow, brown and oriental mustard seeds:

Bruised mustard/mustard flakes
a) from purified spice quality, non de-oiled,
b) from partially de-oiled seeds, finely or roughly sieved.

Flour of mustard/mustard powder
a) non de-oiled,
b) partially de-oiled, finely or roughly sieved.

Mustard oil unfiltered

Special mixtures are produced according to customers' specifications.

De-oiling of mustard seeds  and other oilseeds  takes places exclusively by mechanical pressing without chemical additions  and with low temperatures (cold pressing).

Made out of fenugreek seeds :
Bruised fenugreek/fenugreek flakes
Fenugreek powder

Made out of linseeds and poppy seeds:
Bruised linseed - gently crushed up to finely bruised
linseeds - crushed

Here you can see a selection of our products

Fenugreek powder Bruised Fenugreek Brown Mustard Powder Bruised Brown Mustard
klein hanfsaat klein hirse-geschaelt klein kokosraspel-fein  
Yellow Mustard powder Bruised Yellow Mustard Bruised Linseeds  


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